Questions & Answers Here:

1. Can I own a website?

A. Yes, you can. Be proud as a owner of a website.

2. Should I own a website if I do not own a business?

A. If you think you need to express yourself to the world wide web, a huge community, and think about publishing it. As a website owner, you are digitally open to people, you can talk to them, you can show your ability, your desire, your voyage, your kindness, your courage, your giving and much more and more. The matter is whether it is worthy it when you own somthing. Consideration like moneywise is in here out of sense, because you can afford the price. The essence of ownership is like you can own a driving vehicle which can take you getting around, and is similar like a website which can take you getting round with people, chatting and talking with the group of people of your interest, kindness and infirmity. Most of all, you own it.

3. What is your service, about hosting and maintenance?

A. My service is to set up a website of your own URL through my professional design and application. Your end product is a website of your own URL, with my hosting free for 3 months. It is a world wide business over every corner of the world. Abut hosting and maintenance, your website will be hosted in my domain , 100% uptime. And about maintenance, your website will be remained as it is all time, without any pages corruption, free of files(photos and videos) implicit attack, and remain content secure year round. Some minor changes will be accepted to fulfil upon my client request without charge. After 3 months, you shall only pay 1CU for these services for half a year. Keep in mind, your website is protected in my hosting and can be updated anytime by your order and most of all you are the owner of your website - URL. Now how proud of you when you own your website just by paying what you can afford. The simple service you can do is just go to Templates and buy the one that is suitable to you with affortable CU.

4. How much is cost? What is my service included?

A. The cost of your website is based on the CU, namely Cost Unit. The idea is that the cost is ended up with the quantity of CU. The more comprehensive your website want to be, the more will render you to pay more CU in the production. The buying of every CU will include URL registration, hosting free 3 months offer and design and application of your web pages. After 3 months, please refer to HERE for further service. As a promotion, you pay only one CU. What are you waiting for? Go to paymnt .

5. How much is a CU?

A. A CU is (US Dollor) USD$109.


6. What is URL?

A. Universal Resource Locator. Meaning this the name of your website, and of course it is unique. Please state your URL and your email address in the payment page when you proceed check out on the payment page.

7. If I think of considering help, is it nothing lost to fill in the form?

A. You will get attention and there is nothing lost to fill the form. I highly recommend you to do this. And it is free.


8. If I want to go ahead with your service, how can I do in the first place?

A. On your option, you can fill out the Request Form or do not fill just go direct to the payment page. After you pay on the payment page, We shall call you within 24 hours. Please do not forget to state your URL and your email address on the payment page before you pay.

9. What is the Quality and Accuracy in your logo and commitment?

A. Our mission is to commit quality and accuracy to our assignment and we are not happy until you are. Satisfaction guaranteed.

10. What is web designer corner in this website?

A. The web designer corner is designed for people who want to learn, to blog and to twitt.

11. Is it allowed to put advertisement in the web designer corner comment?

A. No. Please do not.

12. If I need my Domain Name for the Internet, how much I need to pay more?

A. You do not need to pay anything. Most likely, the cost of buying your domain name from ICANN is on my account. But I shall contact you about the URL availablility.    

13. How many staff is working in your team?

A. We are a team of 2 administrators, and a lot of outsourcing done.