The mission:
This service shall be presented to you of your own website with your dedicated URL as a mutual agreement between you and me, nevertheless the quality is evaluated with Cost Unit (CU). I commit to continuously provide the Quality and Accuracy to my clients all over the world, every corner in geography. I shall provide with this service with a relenless pursuit of excellence ensuring customer satisfaction the first time and every CU kicked in.

What are my services?:

First thing you have to do, fill the form and get started. It is for you to get me to know more about you! Or you can simply choose drirectly from HERE for the favourite Template of your taste, remember to state yout URL and your email address on the go when you check out the "Buy Now".

  1. Register your Domain Name and your basic website:
    You give me your dedicate URL and your template and I will search this URL name whether it is available in the WHOIS database and verify it be approved by ICANN. A comprehensive website is presnted to you with basic operation once you pay. The production time is about two weeks. You only need to pay one CU. Goto my payment process.

  2. Upgrade your existing website -- You provide with your inspiration and concept that you want to modify ...
    Use my professional PhotoShop and Adobe Flash operation technique, I shall give an upgrade to your website. You shall pay two CU in the fisrt incept. More CU may be added as the modification carry on.

  3. Web Hosting and Maintenance Management:
    I shall ensure good house keeping of your website. You shall pay one CU for this service for half year after you own your website. .

  4. Internet programming -- You may need individual development like ...
    I shall be able to custom program for individuals for examples like Banner Ad Rotation, Photo Galleries,Searchable inventory database to your website. You shall pay two CU in the fisrt incept. More CU may be added as the modification carry on.

  5. CMS and SEO Management:
    I and my colleague shall be able to build Content Management Softwares, like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. Search Engine Optimum will be attained to achieve the goal. Further management of contents and comments are attended.

  6. Graphic Design and Video Animation:
    I and my colleague shall be able to create unique design graphically, suitable to the web use. We can use tools like Adobe PoerBuilder, Flash Illustrator, PhotoShop, InDesign and many kinds of the needed, not to memtion here completely. Special video completed with animiation, cartoonized movie are available as your service. More CU may be added as the modification carry on.

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