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I call you friends because I think people are over the world everywhere I can make friends. I am a believer of worthy harmony for people who live over the world. This world is tending to be closer and closer for people to envisage each other. In 2015, Toronto, the one of the biggest city in Canada, takes up as a host for the XVIII Pan Am Game. I was a volunteer in Toronto 2015 Pan Am Game. I am very proud of having been one of the 25,000 volunteers in the game. Volunteers are the heart of the team, because they are not for money, they bring themselves with the passion to give, they experience the cycle of the game, they are valuless and they are advocate of "together we are one". My career starts as a electronic engineer and I like to be a cared publisher, a website designer, a graphic designer, cartoon creator, a digital photogragher, as well as an adventurous developer for different types of applications and I am a dedicate producer to fulfill people free of mind. I trust the life is worthy of loving and I want to give as much as I have to people who needs. Please email to me over the other side of the earth and let me know what you need, for building your own website or other upgrade. The cost of your assignment is elaborated into cost unit, which I name it as Cost Unit, in short CU. A comprehensive payment, hereby aims for a quality and accurate with variety like website design, hosting, upgrade, email newsletter, CMS, internet progrqmming, application and many others, not to mention all here. Keep in mind, some of your offer is free. Whenever my assignment is offered, I shall create this as excellent quality and most accuracy in return of an affordable price. At present, a CU is about the payment of USD$109. This includes URL registration, design and application, hosting and maintenance for 3 months. After 3 months, if you do not want to go for my services, you are free to take back your URL auto owner code, content of pages and all resources, which of them I will send to your email address by zip files. That you can use for your future development. Get ready and go! Just like I always do keep in mind that "Be care giver cause 'Give is better than take'." As a mascot of the Toronto 2015 game, PACHI the porcupine turning into legend, shall be remembered. And PACHI is a Japanese word meaning CHEERS,CHEERS,CHEERS! Let my life and your life brighten up. Be happy! God bless you all.

I am located in Markham, Canada. I live with my wife in this map shown. Please visit my website pages.